Ninja Sex Party - Live at Nerd HQ (2014 SDCC)

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make me choose
drakenathans asked: ellie or lara croft?

church + caboose, favorite moments



Gavin Free noises the British National Anthem

this has made my fucking year

"It’s ridiculous how far we’ve come since those early days of Jack and I making guides in our spare time. In six years we’ve produced more than 7,000 videos, created more than 20 weekly shows, have 12 full-time employees (with a 13th on the way soon), and our content is spread across three Youtube channels and this very site. Had you told me ANY of these things were on the way six years ago, I would have assumed you were hired by Gus to prank me, and there was a hidden camera somewhere. Hell, I still have trouble believing it now.” (x)

Burnout Paradise: Millionaire’s Club Guide (The First Ever Achievement Hunter Video)